This fucking fanfiction. THIS FUCKING FANFICTION.

this isn’t like, how I see the characters and I admit they talk like they’re in a fucking western or something ("He’s been sweet on you forever, even though you’re a heel and a skirt chaser. If he gave up looking tomorrow to be your full-time side-piece, I wouldn’t even blink.") but I CAN’T BREATHE BECAUSE THE DIRTY TALK IS SO FUCKING STELLAR AND THE DYNAMIC IS JUST LIKE……AAAGGGGHHH

I almost considered putting this on my normal tumblr so I can give it my romance tag, which I’m sort of using for ~self-care~ (shut up) i.e. like, I don’t know, I don’t even have to have a girlfriend ever again, but just kind of teaching myself that hey, romance and good sex and stuff can be totally not abusive at all, and just kind of training myself back into feeling good and happy about it

anyway, reading this just made me feel very…the vibe was very relatable to how I am sexually, i.e. even though I’m sadistic and maybe I’d want to try and be intimidating, I can never actually stay cold or quiet for very long and I’m just sort of a giggly praise/insults stream when I’m really enjoying myself. being mean makes me get so cuddly and affectionate at the same time.


okay I posted my prompt, I better get a world of fills

I didn’t get any. that’s okay. I know it’s perfect.

okay I posted my prompt, I better get a world of fills

This is a little pathetic but I have the following sexual fantasy:

  • negotiation
  • we start trying to do stuff and I get creeped out, feeling like it reminds me of my ex or I’m topping them the way I would top my ex
  • I say I want to stop and the other person gets it immediately and is very supportive

after trawling through omegaverse stucky for what feels like half my life, my conclusion is this is the best one so far: parts per million

warning it’s not really going to make you feel good

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I guess I’ll do another plot outline since I just reread the terrible one from a year ago. I’ve been writing constant outlines.

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I’m really thrilled with how my stupid lifelong werewolf porn is developing into like an actual story with an actual plot and characters and not so much porn. like, looking back I can’t believe I spent so much of my life writing something with basically no plot.

I feel like in bdsm fanfiction the top always says “I’ve got you” when having sex. do people really say this? in some bdsm universe fics it is like, THE thing that tops apparently say when having sex

sometimes I feel like some people who write bdsm universes are not that into bdsm so they always fall back on the top tying the sub up, having sex with them, and saying “I’ve got you”

then meanwhile I read this great fic where bucky asked steve to hit him 27 times and steve was feeding bucky toast out of his hands, and I was just kind of skipping to those scenes bc they were awesome, but then when I was reading the comments I realized it was supposed to be a grimdark story and none of the sex was supposed to be mutually satisfying and I’m like, BUT STEVE WAS FEEDING BUCKY TOAST OUT OF HIS HANDS???????????? SO WHAT’S THE PROBLEM???!!!

time for some FANFICTION COMPLAINTS too weird for my regular blog

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